What Our Lecturers Say

See what some of our lecturers have to say about their chosen field and what inspires them. From Geography, Zoology and Engineering to Economics and Drama - see what motivates them and what they are passionate about.

Dr Patrick Collins   |   GEOGRAPHY LECTURER

Interested in developing the Creative Economy in Ireland

"For me, teaching is inspiring students to look at everyday topics in a different way. Teaching is about exploring alternatives, about helping students make up their own minds on whether, or indeed if, things should be different. My interest lies in analysing creativity and exploring the overlap between culture and the economy. Our location on the edge of Europe offers students in Galway the unique advantage of perspective. Our geographic remove enables a better analysis on the whole, be that socially, culturally or economically."

Dr Patrick Lonergan   |   HEAD OF DRAMA PROGRAMMES

Leader of the digitisation of the Abbey Archive

“In my teaching, I believe strongly that students will only care about a subject if we lecturers show that we care about it too - so I always do my best to convey my passion and enthusiasm for drama, hoping that this will allow students to do the same thing.

In my own research I have been very inspired by the example of Galway's Druid Theatre. In our drama programme we try to inspire students by doing many of the things that Druid do: by showing that Galway can be a centre for world-class theatre, by focussing on the importance of the ensemble rather than the star actor, by making sure that creativity is always balanced with critical rigour and hard work, and by having the utmost respect for the audience, whether they are in Broadway or a Connemara Community Centre!

My students tell me that they value the lecturers in NUI Galway for many reasons, especially for being approachable, and for understanding students' needs and interests -- not just important practical considerations like job prospects, but personal needs too:  things like making new friends, encountering new ideas, visiting new places, and so on.

Our lecturers understand that going to university should be an inspiring experience - but they also know that it can sometimes be a challenging experience too, and they are equipped to help students along every step of the way. Most of all, our students appreciate our lecturers' expertise: their ability to bring cutting-edge academic research to bear on the real world and real problems.”

Dr Louise Allcock   |   ZOOLOGY LECTURER

Deep-sea and Polar Biologist

“I absolutely love teaching to massive lecture theatres of students! I see it as a real challenge to engage such a diversity of students (and I think I mostly succeed).  I run clicker quizzes, where we use the latest technology to get students in a lecture to vote using a clicker for the correct answer in a quiz. I take questions from the floor during lectures, there is a strong multimedia dimension to my lectures and I pride myself on bringing the most modern teaching methods into 1st year science. The students enjoy it as they can really engage with their learning.

I'm an active deep-sea and polar biologist and have published more than 50 scientific papers in these areas.  I have extensive field experience and have spent numerous austral summers in the Antarctic and have taken samples from oceans across the globe. 

I am a firm believer in teaching that is led by the lecturer's own research, as it has been shown to inspire students and encourage them in synthesis, reflection and critical evaluation.  These are the really high level learning skills that you need to develop when you come to University - they are the steps beyond remembering, understanding and applying information.  They are the skills that are required by the stars of tomorrow.'


Founder of Boards.ie

"I’ve been teaching for over 15 years, and really believe that if you can get the students – all the students – up to speed with the basics, then they can progress through most of a course with a smaller chance of feeling lost.

Online education is becoming huge, and I’ve started putting lots of my course content for electronic engineering online at www.electronicengineering.tv to help students.

I believe if I can inspire a student to move through the various stages of learning and inquiring – from where they can easily grasp the foundations of their discipline all the way through to being able to find their own voice and make a difference – then I have done a good job.
The feedback from the concentration of ICT and biomedical industry partners in the Galway region, combined with the cutting edge research into next generation technologies in the University’s internationally recognised research institutes, means that content on our courses is very up to date and relevant to future industry and research careers'."

Professor Eamon O'Shea   |   ECONOMICS LECTURER

“In my teaching I aim to inspire students to maximise their own potential in relation to learning and discovery, not just during their time in University but also in their future careers.

As a lecturer I feel that being accessible to students and being totally engaged with my subject area is really important. For me, the emphasis is on developing the whole person, not just in relation to academic ability and achievement, but also in regard to how  graduates of NUI Galway  engage  with communities at local, regional and national levels, and seek to influence public policy for the benefit of all citizens.”


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